About TCAN

Founded in 1999, the Texas Citizen Action Network is a coalition of organizations dedicated to educating citizens and providing them with the tools to become informed on issues of importance to them, and get engaged at all levels of government. We don’t simply play defense on public policy; we’re pro-active and truly empower Texas activists.

The Texas Citizen Action Network works because we understand the landscape of today’s communications battlefields better than anyone.

Our alliance of organizations educates Texas citizens and gets them involved in public policy decision-making. By distributing the ideas and research provided by other think tanks and like-minded groups with our list of friends and supporters, our efforts empower Texas activists for engagement at any level of government—regardless of office. We are a dynamic community of leaders who relate ideas, brainstorm solutions, and acquire the skills they need to make the greatest difference in the world.

Our friends and supporters can become leaders who influence elected officials with cost-saving, practical solutions for government—but only when equipped with information. Our coalition understands what it takes to win and improve the lives of all Texans.


Conceived in the fall of 1999 and formally initiated in August of 2000, the Texas Citizen Action Network’s “Incubator Project” grew out of the realization that many conservative Texas activists feel isolated and lack the opportunities to openly discuss issues, maximize best practices, and drive innovation.


Similar to a small business incubator, the Texas Citizen Action Network’s “Incubator Project” provides shared financial resources, facilities, mentoring, and networking opportunities to independent think tanks, grassroots groups, conservative minority-oriented outreach organizations, and other public foundations of all sizes. As your grassroots incubator, we maximize each member or organization’s unique contribution through collaboration and cross-pollination—not self-serving turf-building.