Core Values

We value freedom, individual ideas, and entrepreneurship, and importantly, the necessity of a flow of ideas between government and citizens in order to find real policy solutions.

CORE VALUES: Texas Citizen Action Network is committed to the following virtues and beliefs.

Freedom, NOT Constraint

Our most basic, core value is freedom. We support the right of individuals to choose for themselves how to live and work in the Texas community.

Individual Choice NOT Group Think

As President Bush has said, we believe individuals know how to best spend their own money. Accordingly, we support policies that empower individuals, not government organizations or agencies.

Entrepreneurship NOT Corporatism

We support an entrepreneurial economy that is open to all individuals. We oppose attempts to close economic life to those without the proper government-defined credentials.

Solutions NOT Empty Rhetoric

We believe in offering tangible policy prescriptions that will improve the lives of all.

Fiscal Conservatism NOT Wasteful Spending

Texas has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.